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Pain/Injury rehabilitation

Accelerate Your Recovery, Reclaim Your Strength! Injury Rehabilitation That Takes You from Setback to Comeback.

Chronic Disease Management

Ignite Your Journey to Optimal Health: Evidence-Based Treatment for Unparalleled Results!

Exercise Programs

Experience the Power of Personalization with Tailored Exercise Programs, Customized Just for You, No Matter Your Goal! 

Why see an Exercise Physiologist?

Unlock the secrets of your health and fitness, with a tailored program backed by cutting-edge research to ignite your progress. Whether you seek targeted training, injury rehabilitation, peak performance, or unparalleled guidance, our dedicated team will propel you towards extraordinary results. Don’t settle for ordinary. Embrace the extraordinary. Consult with an Exercise Physiologist today and unleash your full potential!

Total Wellness Approach

We believe that true wellness encompasses more than just physical training—it’s a holistic journey that embraces your overall well-being.
Our holistic approach extends beyond the gym and your exercise routine. We believe that true fitness encompasses the integration of physical, mental, and emotional aspects. We’re here to support you on every step of your wellness journey, providing guidance, motivation, and the tools you need to lead a fulfilling and vibrant life.

Enquire today and embark on a journey of total well-being. It’s time to unlock your potential, nourish your body, and cultivate a balanced, harmonious lifestyle that allows you to thrive in every aspect of your life. Your journey to true wellness starts here.

Evidence-Backed Techniques

We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of the latest research. Why? Because we’re committed to bringing you the absolute best in training methods and techniques. We delve deep into the latest scientific findings, uncovering groundbreaking insights that can transform your health and fitness journey.

We don’t settle for outdated methods or guesswork. Instead, we meticulously analyze the latest research, rigorously test its efficacy, and distill it into tailored programs that propel you towards exceptional results. You can trust that every exercise, every technique, and every strategy we employ is backed by the power of scientific evidence.

Online Treatment Available

Experience the future of healthcare with online treatment! Say goodbye to the hassle of commuting and hello to personalized treatment from home.
Our virtual sessions bring expert guidance, tailored exercises, and real-time feedback to your fingertips. Achieve your goals with convenience and comfort while staying connected to your therapist through video consultations and interactive tools. Revolutionize your rehabilitation journey today for a healthier, happier you!


“..I have been attending the exercise classes at Minto for the past 2 years and it has helped enormously with my health and fitness…. trainer is obliging and helpful.”


“I was referred to the exercise physiologist after being diagnosed with Osteoporosis… 9 months later I’m still exercising, feeling great and improving – and will keep going!”